Thursday, December 20, 2007

Which Cracker Jacks box was that in?

Why does the school drop-off always have to be such an adventure? I find it hard to believe that all the crazy people/idiot drivers out there happen to have kids that go to the same schools as mine. So what gives?

I drop my son off at school in the morning, and, because we're both compulsive about time, I drop him off earlier than I'm "supposed to", but not so early that there aren't plenty of kids and staff milling about. Because I drop him off so early, there's hardly ever any other traffic to deal with, and there are usually only two, maybe three, other cars in the drop-off area.

My son's school is addressed on a little four-lane "main" road, but to drop kids off, you have to turn on to a residential street. It is a traffic joy, let me tell you, and backs up quite a bit. Some parents don't have the patience to sit through all the traffic to turn down the little residential street and drop their kids off in the drop off area.

So they make illegal u-turns on the four-lane road and drop their kids off along the road there.

OK, so the kids are in junior high, and it's really not a big deal that they're not getting dropped off "at the door". But, you know, some of these parents are not so much suave with the illegal u-turn making.

On Tuesday, we were late with the drop off due to last minute project completion. After I make the drop off, I turn back up the four-lane road into what is the "illegal u-turn area". I'm cruising up the road and I have to dodge someone in the left-hand lane who is waiting to "turn left", only we all know what he really is trying to do is make another illegal u-turn so he can go the other way up the road. I dodge into the right hand lane behind a minivan that promptly has to all but slam on its breaks to avoid the Suburban that has decided to make an illegal u-turn in front of oncoming traffic.


When I gave her the dirty look stare as I passed by, she had her hands in her hair and this expression that was like "ohmygawd! that was soooo scary!" and I came very very close to pulling over so that I could walk back to her stupid little driver door and yell at her for being a twit and for putting our lives at risk by being a moron and that maybe she shouldn't drive if she had no damn common sense.

And then yesterday we are sitting at the last stop light before the school stop light. It's two four-lane roads. I'm in the left hand lane (because my next turn is a left turn, so I need this lane), and our light turns green. There is a person coming up the road into the right lane who does not need to slow down or stop because the light is now green.

Except that the person in the intersection on the right-hand side of us has, for some reason, inexplicably decided it must be her turn and started to go. Totally randomly. For no apparent rational reason. She climbs her fool ass completely into the intersection before the rapidly approaching oncoming cars make her realise something must be amiss and stop. The car in the right hand land, which she is now completely blocking, slams on his brakes and comes within inches of her door before stopping. At this point, the ditz in the Honda finally starts to back up a bit and get out of the lane.

And I know that might be totally unrelated because she was not trying to get to my son's school but ohmygod! Are you serious? People are freaking nuts.

All of this has been in the rain, no less! Which makes me believe that what Christine said was correct... She said that there is a special kind of driver's license that allows the person to only drive on their birthday or when it's raining. So, of course, when they do get to drive, they act like crazy people because they're just so excited.

The last couple of days have shown that, clearly, she must be right!

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