Friday, December 21, 2007

Google Keywords

Google keywords - Week of December 15 through December 21, 2007

It's been a strange week for search engine hits. At first I thought all I would get the whole week was "etsy review"'s and "noble vegetarian"'s.

But then I got "my wife hates me and wants out", which made me sad not only for the person who searched that, but kind of also because I was on the very first page for that particular search!

It was a few more days before I got another new search, and that was for "Dr. Bronner's Soap acne review". They didn't stay very long, so I guess they didn't feel like they were going to get the information they needed. But I can tell you that Dr. Bronner's does work very well for acne, and I have told everyone I know who has that problem about the good Dr.

After another couple of days we have a search for "fat cat candy", which landed the person here. What I find particularly intriguing is that, shortly thereafter, someone else clicked onto that exact post, almost as if the link to it had been emailed to them.

The final new keyword search for this past week was for "verbose vegan". I'm pretty sure whoever it was that was searching wasn't looking for me.

Sometimes I wish people would take the time to comment, so that I would know what they think when they find my posts on the way to something else. Some of them hang around and read, some of them just pass on through.

Anyway... I hope they're finding something helpful, anyway. Especially all those "etsy review"'s and "noble vegetarian"'s.

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