Saturday, December 15, 2007

Etsy Review - Product Specific!

Etsy Review – Wash the Day Away

I do not even recall how I stumbled across her, but I knew I just had to have that Black Honey Soap. I’ve had terrible acne ever since I was pregnant with my daughter (hi! Nine years ago!). The only thing that ever kept it even reasonably under control was Dr. Bronner’s Tea Tree Oil soap. It worked great, and I could totally post pictures so you can see except that I really don’t remember where I put them.

Anyway… Dr. Bronner’s worked great but I still have breakouts, particularly when I’m stressed or getting ready to start my period.

So, of course, I thought that I would try this and see if it helps more than the good Dr., and can finally help me kick the last bit of acne.

It arrived Thursday night and I tried it Friday morning. The first impression? Wonderful! It left my face squeaky clean but not dried out. The squeaky, I have learned, is important to keeping my face zit-free. The not dried out? That’s harder to find and a great bonus. As oily as my skin is, it is also really prone to dryness. This soap seems like the perfect combination.

Obviously, only time will tell if it helps with the acne and I promise to keep you updated. However, I am already looking forward to my morning shower and another round with this wonderful soap!

Of course, once I knew I was placing an order, I had to check and see if there was anything else I wanted.


So I bought this, as well. I opened the jar promptly last night when the package arrived. The scrub looks like coffee grounds, and smells like the kind of rich, oily coffee that you just know is going to make the best cup of coffee you’ve had in ages. I could also smell the patchouli, cinnamon and vanilla.

I tried the scrub out on my arms Friday morning. I used it in the shower, but I wiped the scrub off using the washcloth method indicated in the instructions, and only did a final quick rinse under the shower to rinse off stray scrubbies. I saved it for the very last thing I did in the shower, so I didn’t run the risk of washing away the goodness!

I have a skin condition that causes little rough bumps all over my upper arms. I usually just leave well enough alone, but when I feel like having smooth arms (a.k.a. “when I get a burr under my saddle about it”), daily exfoliation and moisturizing do the trick pretty well. Usually it takes a couple of days to see significant improvement, and it is something I need to do daily.

When I used the scrub Friday morning, I could literally see my skin smoothing out under the scrub. As I wiped the scrub away, I saw how much smoother it was than before. And she is not kidding about the moisture! Usually when I exfoliate, my skin is screaming for some lotion before I even step out of the shower. This time, I didn’t even need lotion. My arms are soft, smooth, and moisturized.

The difference it made on my arms would have taken two or three days of daily exfoliation and moisturizing. My arms aren’t perfect, so you know, and it will probably be at least one more day before they’re completely smooth and bump-free. This scrub, however, did so much more and so much better than anything else I’ve ever tried.

Utterly fabulous!

Next time, I’d really like to try some of the Euphoria Dream Balm, the Energy Clearing Aromatherapy Linen Spray (because our house can use a good energy cleaning!), and the Spark Room/Linen Spray.

I promise I’ll keep y’all in the loop.

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Gruppie Girl said...

I have the same upper arm bumpy thing. I have been told it's a genetic thing with people of Celtic decent.

Let us know if the scrub continues to work for you.