Wednesday, November 01, 2006

It's about a girl...

Cheree lives in the sweaty armpit of Sacramento, California. In May 2010 she logged her highest weight ever – 288 pounds – despite having been a member of California Family Fitness for almost a whole year. Since then, she's amped up her workouts, taken up running and started taking her life more seriously.


As seriously as one smart ass can take life, anyway.

Getting three 5K's under her proverbial belt in 2010, Cheree plans to crank out the miles and take down longer and longer races.

Love of running?

Check and double check.

The Pit Crew

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Cheree's biggest supporter is her (yes, legal) wife, SweetPea. SweetPea is starting on her own journey into a healthier lifestyle. When she's not driving, chasing Monkeys or finding the latest, greatest deal on almond milk.

MonkeySee is Cheree & SweetPea's 15 year old son, who is in high school in the International Baccalaureate Program, which means that he's much smarter than he occassionally lets on. MonkeySee has always been kind of a crotchety old man and believes there's no good reason whatsoever to be sweaty. Or in contact with dirt.

MonkeyDo is Cheree & SweetPea's 12 year old daughter. She is navigating the often cruel world of adolescent girls with a grace that only the Weird Kid with Two Moms can possibly manage. Which, like every other girl in her class, often means not that much grace at all. She is the Reigning Queen of Horse Camp, and can tell you, at any given point, whose parents love them enough to have bought them a horse.

Gomi Takaramono is a white pit bull (mix) with one blue eye and one brown eye. She's matured into a pretty good dog. Except for the barking. And the random bouts of The Stubborn.

There are also two cats (Dianne and Moo), known both collectively and individually as "Damn it!"

If you have something you think the Verbosery should know about or that you'd like us to try out, please contact Cheree by emailing: theverbosery at gmail dot com

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Syrlinus said...

You seriously need to turn the blog into a book. I swear at times, your humour is like reading a gay Erma Bombeck. :)