Monday, February 25, 2013

Catsup - A Quickie

To give you a quick update on some things I hope to be able to cover in more detail soon:

1. While I did not make my fundraising goal for Yoga Teacher Training, I did get close enough to be able to get there. For that, I am filled with gratitude for the Universe and, specifically, each of you. Thank you.

2. I had an appointment with an allergist that clarified my food allergies. The short version is that I only have to listen to food allergies that affect me in certain ways. Wheat stays on the "avoid" list because the eczema in my hands is a special circle of hell and, honestly, I really hate having gas. Corn syrup will stay on the "avoid" list because it gives me headaches and it's really just toxic sludge. Really. Everything else I can eat at my discretion, which will probably change during allergy season. So huzzah for that!

3. I turned 38 last Thursday and had a long, busy, gloriously weekend that I will tell you more about tomorrow.

4. Everything is changing. Nothing is changing.

Tomorrow there will be a picture post for you, and I'm hoping that's going to buy me enough time to actually write some groovy shit down for y'all. Fingers crossed!

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Susan said...

when you are done are done!
stew on that one for a bit.