Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Birthday Weekend - In Photos

Well what do you do on your birthday?
Birthday Deadlifts. What else?

Today's workout note.
I had to start writing down each day's workout. It always starts with "Good morning!" and the date. Then I have to list the plates to load. Apparently I cannot maths in my head at 5am. Who knew?

A birthday tradition is always mini golf. This year, it was Monster Mini Golf, where we met this guy. He reminds me of Bixby.

Birthday margarita!
Later I had a margarita.

We had to go for a ride because the short asshole wouldn't stop spinning & woo-wooing at the front door.
Friday I had the day off. We ended up having to go for a ride, because Gomi wouldn't stop spinning and woo-woo-wooing at the front door.

Deadlifts Workshop
Saturday I went to a workshop on deadlifts at Body Tribe.

Deadlifts Workshop
Photo by Chip Conrad

Bun's Done!
Then we went to a tattoo fundraiser for a local burlesque group. Bunny!

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