Monday, January 21, 2013

Be the Universe

Apparently, when I wrote number four, the Universe took that as a personal challenge.

Specifically the part where I intended to not participate in formal Yoga Teacher Training this year.

The thing is that, strictly speaking, it really isn't in the budget. While we can juggle to make things happen (and will if we have to), it's not really a position that I'd like to be in or that I'm comfortable putting my family in.

To that end, I'm trying to make some extra money to pay for the training. I figure that, if the Universe thinks it's funny, then it certainly can help get me to my goals.


You are the Universe, too.

Just for a moment I am going to assume that you are interested and willing to help me further my training. Maybe because you believe in me. Maybe because you'd love to take a class I'm teaching. Maybe because you've read my blog for years and you maybe feel obligated. So just for a moment I am going to assume, and I'm going to tell you all the ways you can help me reach my goal.

1. I have some stuff for sale at Fat Femme Laboratory. Because I don't plan to reopen my etsy shop right now (or possibly ever), ordering something is a little weird. If you're on facebook, you can message me with your request, or email me directly using the "contact the verbosery" email on the blog. I can let you know if what you want is still available, and how to get it in your hot little hands.

Just a note that the scrubs that are currently available are the first scrubs that I have ever offered for sale, and likely to be the last scrubs for sale at least until summer. Until now, the only way you could get a scrub was as a gift. I've gotten nothing but amazing feedback on these scrubs and use them myself. They are fantastic scrubs and unlike anything you'll find elsewhere.

2. Every book you buy contributes $9 to the fund.

3. Chip in directly. Don't have a need for baubels or trinkets? Want to just contribute directly? Whether $5 or $50, every little bit helps me get closer to my goal and is greatly appreciated.

Now the important question: what the hell is this paying for?


Yin teacher training, one day intensive: I heard amazing things about this class when it was presented last year and I'd love to be able to participate this year. Registration is $99.


Yoga Assistant Training (25 hours): I took yoga assistant training last year and it was awesome. Assistant training is a great way to focus on pose alignment and the intentions of each asana. This year's training program is being offered by the Yoga Seed Collective and is being taught by an Ayurvedic practitioner and will be covering assisting from a different perspective than the training I took last year. I am really excited about this and the way it will help my assisting practice become more meaningful. I have been offered to take this course for free, as I am already assisting at the Seed (the All Bodies class on Monday nights, in case you're new here). While I am touched and honored by the offer, I would love to be able to pay my way into this class. Since the Seed is a non-profit, paying for the class helps them to help others. You can read more about the Seed's mission here. $239


Yoga Teacher Training at East Wind Yoga (100 Hours): I took their teacher training last year and was offered the opportunity to take this training at a discounted rate. I see this as an opportunity to deepen and expand my knowledge and experience. I loved this training last year and am looking forward to it again this year. $475

Grand total for all of the training is $813. Anything extra that I receive will go towards books and gas.

So, look. I don't like asking you guys for money. Does anyone? But something I learned last year in yoga teacher training is that, when you don't ask, you may be depriving someone of the opportunity to be of service. I also learned that I need to learn how to live with an open heart. Part of that is being willing to be open to what the Universe can provide.

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