Thursday, February 07, 2013

Philosophical Monkey

Are you tired of hearing about yoga teacher training, yet?

Oh, good!

Today I have for you:

Reasons Why the Monkeys Are Awesome!

Our actual favorite subject!

I drive the Monkeys to school every morning before continuing on to work. This task can be draining because it is a lot of driving and traffic and stop lights and idiots and OMG is it summer break, yet? Recently, however, we have had discussions on our drive that have absolutely made my day and made me so grateful these Monkeys are our Monkeys. I thought I'd share a couple with you.

1. Philosophical discussions about the world of Harry Potter, how the series grows with the intended audience during the time it was being written, and how the cast is not spared from the tragedy of what is, essentially, war. So frequently stories involving a cast that centers around younger characters spares these characters the horror of loss, death, disfiguration. J.K. Rowling digs the knife right into your heart and takes down even your favorites without remorse. To me, this is what makes this series and her as an author so extraordinary.

Especially when you compare this to certain other book series' that shall remain nameless. Ahem.

2. Philosophical discussions centered around rap songs about the extravegance of the rapper's neuvea riche lifestyle in contrast to the frequently impoverished lifestyles of their intended audience.

3. Evidence that our Monkeys have been raised post-"Traditional Marriage" and, largely, outside the scope of what our society deems gender-normative.

To whit: MonkeyDo proclaiming "That's Mr. Potter. He's Mrs. Potter's wife." (Yes, she did figure out for herself that she was wrong.)

Our Monkeys are pretty fucking awesome.

Christmas Traditions... Ours area little odd.
Christmas Eve at our house Monster Mini Golf.


willem said...

i do like your monkeys. they are impressive. i can only imagine how they will positively affect the world as they grow.

y'all done good.

Arwen Lynch, Professional Joy Seeker said...

Your blog brought me such joy today. Thank you and the Monkeys too.