Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cover Your K9 Fundraiser - This Weekend!

I'd been off track for the last week or more, so, when I got up Sunday (and didn't go do my normal Sunday morning routine), I decided some cleaning was in order.

Unfortunately for the dogs, I started with them.

When all else fails, spend time with loved ones. (sorry, guys)

Bixby has turned into a pretty good bather. Right up until it's time to start drying off, then he wants me to hold his hand.

The bonus, though, was that I found out about a fundraiser coming up this weekend - the Save a K9 Fundraiser!

June 30th and July 1st (Saturday and Sunday), 100% of the cost of each dog wash goes to support a non-profit organization called Cover Your K9, which helps "provide customized bullet-proof vests, heat alarms for patrol cars, K-9 first aid kits and other specialized equipment to keep our hardworking police dogs protected while they are at work protecting us."

Cover Your K9 is working to keep the police dogs of northern California safer while on patrol, and that's definitely a cause I can get behind. If you're local, you're probably familiar with Bodie's story. He was shot in the line of duty at the end of May. While a bulletproof vest probably wouldn't have helped Bodie, who was shot in the leg and the jaw, Bodie's case makes this fundraiser particularly timely.

Pet Food Express also happens to be one of my favorite places to take the dogs for a bath. When you have strong, ornery dogs that really dislike being washed or blown dry, the Pet Food Express setup is really ideal. It's sturdy and everything is one place, so you don't have to manuever your dog to another table for the blow dryer. Most of the time, I don't even get them out of the wash basin when I dry them, because I don't have to and it's just easier.

All 43 northern California Pet Food Express locations are participating in the fundraiser and the funds stay local, helping your local police dogs. So come on out. You know your dog is stinky.


Wine Dog said...

Yes, but we all know if I were to take the Hellhoundz down there they would have to rope off the area with yellow caution tape and orange cones.

dolphyngyrl said...

I doubt the Hellhoundz are the worst they've seen.