Monday, June 25, 2012

Urban Jungle - Natomas Style

Dear Natomas,

Other than the obvious*, the fuck is wrong with you?

I went out today on my first lunchtime run in entirely too long, and I was greeted by this along my route:

WTF, Natomas?

In case you can't see, this is so overgrown that it creates its own shade. The width of the sidewalk is halved by the overgrowth, and there is a puddle of muck that covers the whole sidewalk. It is so overgrown that it extends about halfway into the bike lane.


It's bad enough that I have to drag my pollen-allergic ass through this nightmare**, I can't even imagine if I was wheelchair-bound and had to push my chair through this. Or a parent with a stroller. There are a lot of those in Natomas.

How is this acceptable? I'm not positive, but I'm pretty fucking sure this is not up to code, and that, if this were a residence, the home owner would be issued a citation.

So what the fuck, Natomas? It's not even early spring, so it's not like you can blame this on the suddenness of the growing season.

Get off your ass and mow some shit.


What Can I Say, You Annoy Me, Anyhow

*The obvious being that part where you moved thousands of people into a flood zone on purpose because Yay! Propert taxes!

**Between how far it was grown out into the street and the crazy ass Natomas drivers, running in the bike lane (my other option) was totally out of the question.


Mona said...

When I was teaching there, we had an emergency plan for a levee break. We were to get all the jr. high kids on the roof. There was one ladder to the roof and it was behind a locked gate. And they assured us that the roof would hold all the kids if they were evenly spaced and stood perfectly still. Yeah. Right.

Susan said...

OM MY! (at Mona's comment) doesn't that just sound about right for that school district?!?! sheesh!!

as for the overgrowth, it isn't isolated to Natomas. one of my very own neighbors seems to have the same disease. I swear I want to go cut his bushes back myself but am sure he would sue me for ruining his "landscaping" or some other bs.

happy days!