Saturday, September 18, 2010

Another Pit Bull Tragedy

I don't have a lot to say about this that hasn't already been said better.

I'm not sure that anyone here doesn't know that we at the Verbosery are big fans of square headed dogs. So much so that we own one.


I can't even think of some stranger putting their knee in her back without getting a little irrationally angry.

Multimedia message

If you've never known a pit bull raised by responsible, loving dog owners, you are truly missing out. I don't think there exists a more goofy, blissful, loving dog than a pit bull.


If you don't know about Gomi, you surely haven't heard about Moko. Moko is a service dog. Moko's dogmommy is paraplegic. Moko helps her get around so she can live her life independently. The way she always has.


Pit bulls are working dogs. They're smart, capable and have been bred for generations* to be people friendly.

What happened to Parrot was tragic and inexcusable.

I wish more people would wake up. Parrot's execution is not even an isolated incident. Merely the most recent.

Wake up, America.

These dogs are your dogs, too.

Godspeed, Parrot.

*Even the fighting dogs.

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