Friday, September 17, 2010

Some Weeks

This is how I feel.

Yes, Barnahbus is down again. The current diagnosis is the speed sensor in her front left tire. What the fuck with all the sensors, y'all?

She goes in on Monday & I hope it's relatively painless.

For me.

I'm trying to keep everything moving forward. Between the roadblocks & the lingering lazyness, it's not exactly easy.

But I'll get through.

For sure.


Susan said...

not sure if it is of any assistance, but I can drive Monkey Boy to school if he is willing to get there at 6:20ish. R has zero period band.

dolphyngyrl said...

Holy cow, that's early! We can manage the one-van thing for a couple days. It sucks, but it's doable.

Thank you, though!