Sunday, September 19, 2010

Coming Home

Yesterday SweetPea, the Monkeys & I went to A Gathering of Spirits Harvest Festival.

SweetPea picked up what might be the best bumper sticker, ever:

Best bumper sticker EVER!

We met tons of awesome people, bought lots of great goods, watched rituals and shows. It felt like coming home. It felt, really, like I imagine fairs and festivals must have felt like years and years ago... When you got to visit and meet with kindred spirits, people you haven't seen in ages, check out the latest and greatest supplies and creations, stock up your larders with items you can't make for yourself, dance, laugh, visit and share.

It was a good thing. Really.

The moon over the Harvest Festival

I also got some really awesome shots of Obsidian Butterfly, who were sharing their fire dancing with us. I'll be sharing some of my favorites through the coming week. I hope you enjoy & I'd love to hear which you liked best!


FemmeFairyGodmother said...

OMG I need that bumper sticker! I probably wouldn't put it on my truck but I want it nonetheless! ;)

Jude said...

Perfect bumper sticker!!!! HA! I bet half the people that read it wouldn't get it either. LMAO