Saturday, April 03, 2010

A Dog Day Out

MonkeyDo and I are sitting in a cafe, hogging up bandwidth.

I should be listing more prints, but, instead, I've been working on some other things that I'll share with you.

Yesterday, after I was done listing for the day, she and I set off on what would be an all-day adventure.

The goal: getting Gomi vaccinated and licensed.

The plan: Sacramento SPCA has both low cost vaccinations and the ability to purchase a license (according to their website).

So we drove out to the SPCA and signed in. The office where they have vaccinations is also where they handle lost or found pets as well as owner surrenders. Dumbest place, ever, for me to be?

Oh, yeah.

We ended up waiting about 40 minutes to be seen. Gomi was pretty well behaved, all things considered. Although she did start up with the Woe Is Me song a couple of times.

While we were waiting, we watched a pair of upstanding young gentleman (*ahem*) surrender a gorgeous pit bull who had obviously been bred. And, you know, I know it happens. I know it happens all the time. But it still makes me so angry. I wonder how much money they made off of her before abandoning her to hell and an almost certain death.


When it was finally our turn, we found out that we could only get a license there if we paid by cash or check. Well we didn't have cash, and who has checks, anymore, anyway? We ended up just getting her vaccinations and a round of flea drops.

And a lecture from the vet tech that took her back for her shots because Gomi was wearing her Martingale collar and she was wound up and pulling. Her collar wasn't seated correctly, so, yeah, it was against her throat and choking instead of up under her jaw where it's supposed to be. The vet tech suggested we get her a sensation harness or obedience lessons (through them, of course). I informed her we, in fact, owned a sensation harness. It works great for the pulling, because Gomi flops over on her side and then refuses to move. As for the rest of it, dude, you just kept my dog waiting 40 fucking minutes in a room full of critters she wants to play with but can't and she's a little wound up. Usually she's a very good dog, her collar is seated correctly, and none of this is a problem. You want to lecture someone, why don't you try the jackholes ditching that bitch they bred?

Back in the van.

Fortunately, Sacramento County Animal Care & Regulation isn't all that far from the SPCA and they can take my check card and issue a license for my dog. They also happen to have a huge, gorgeous, freshly opened dog park.

The orange-red pillars you see in the background are the fence line, and the park extends to the left about the same distance. Seriously, this park is huge. Although, a note to SCACR: your boutique should carry tennis balls. Seriously. For dumbasses like me who didn't plan on going to a dog park and didn't bring anything to throw. Because I'd have totally paid $3 or $4 for a tennis ball to throw for her. I would not, however, pay $11 for the two pack of balls that would have been two small for her big mouth, anyway.

Gomi is finally vaccinated and appropriately licensed and has been run ragged at a dog park. Next stops: lunch and then a bath!

My boss has a truck that she bought largely for the purpose of transporting her dog. Gomi's after bath antics have clued me in to why this is a good idea.

I even missed most of her seat-rubbing.

Finally, finally the three of us headed home. It was a good thing, too, because I was pooped!

As of last night, the only thing separating Gomi & I from being able to participate in the Doggy Dash was getting registered. Well, ok. And being able to run 5K.

As of right now, only half of that is true: Gomi & Cheree Run a 5K.

Which means I need to get my ass in gear for the other half of that, right?

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Jude said...

My two dogs love their doggie park too! We're lucky that it's only a couple of miles up the road from us.

And yeah, really Dude...the two that surrendered their dog. I hope they got an ear full from the Vet.