Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Hot Mess of Cranky

I should totally use the excuse and blame my irritations on PMS, but there are a few things that have really bugged the snot out of me today.

Back to School Night

Every year, the school expressly requests that parents leave their kids at home for Back to School night. Unlike Open House in the spring, Back to School Night is a time for parents to get more information about what's going on with the school, what will be happening in their child's class, who their child's teacher is, what will be expected of their child, etc. It's not interesting to kids, because, really, they hear it every damn day, so they don't really want to hear it again at night, right?

But every year, without fail, easily half the parents bring their kids, anyway. Some bring their actual grade-level kids, and some bring toddlers and babies. Of course, the parents are torn between paying attention and minding their children, so neither gets done effectively. Which tends to also mean that there are quite a few kids not behaving themselves (or keeping quiet) like they should be.

It's not that hard, right? It's one friggin' night a year - make other arrangements! I totally get that some parents don't have babysitters, or close family, or the ability to make arrangements for their kids' care for, what, two whole hours? Especially when I'm looking at both parents there with the kids in tow. Because one of you couldn't have stayed home and minded the ranch? That's how we do it!

Yes, I will totally admit that our little family has been extraordinarily fortunate in that there's never help or back up sitting far, should we need it. Between my family & SweetPea's family, plus Neighbor and assorted other friends and relatives, we've never NOT had someone who could watch the kids when we needed it. But I fail to comprehend that this many families, particularly when so many of them have two parents present, just can't find care for their kids for two hours for one damn night.

Party Invitations

MonkeyDo told me last night that one of her friends invited her to a party. No, a proper (and paper) invitation was not provided. I advised her that she could tell her friend that I would need something written, on paper, with a phone number I could call, before I would consider any invitations.

Today she presented me with a scrap of notebook paper that her friend had written the details on.

It's a birthday-slumber party. It's Saturday.

You know, I don't even think I need to say anything further about that.

San Francisco Field Trip

This is possibly just kind of petty, but I'm writing about it, anyway. Sue me.

When MonkeySee was in fourth grade, his class went on a field trip to San Francisco. It was. You know. THE San Francisco field trip. I remember going on it when I was a kid (vaguely), and I believe that was in fourth grade, too.

You know what?

MonkeyDo is in fifth grade this year, and, apparently, there is not to be any San Francisco field trip for her.

It's not that she's never been to The City, or done any of the cool things that are there. That's totally not the point. It's the first big rented-buses, get to school early, leave late, drive two hours AWAY FROM YOUR PARENTS, and "here, have some money for the gift shop" field trip. It's a big deal, dammit, and she totally missed out, and I totally didn't even realize it until recently.

It sucks, and I'm ticked.

Doctor's Appointments

Last week I got a call from a doctor who requested I come in for a procedure. He can't do it there at his office, so he was forwarding my information to another office, where he would do the procedure, so that the head nurse could call and schedule an appointment.

Tonight I received an automated phone call with a "reminder" for my appointment Monday.

Know what happened in the meantime?

Bupkiss, that's what.

I never even got an attempted phone call to schedule an appointment. Nothing. Because, clearly, I have nothing better to do than rearrange my life at a moment's notice.

Fortunately (for me and definitely not for her), he happened to give me the name of the head nurse who was supposed to call me to schedule the appointment.

Guess who's getting a phone call in the morning?

Ooh, good guess!

Now, I'm not bringing The Bitch out up front in the phone call (well, maybe I am... depends on how ticked I am when I dial). I mean, this procedure is not exactly pleasant and I'm not entirely sure pissing off the Head Nurse before the procedure is a good idea. But I will be expressing to her, in no uncertain terms, that it would be better for her if, next time, she discussed it with me before scheduling me for an appointment.

People who assume I have no life

I guess this plays into the thing with the nurse and the invitation. The last month or so has just been filled with last minute scrambles as we found out about events and appointments and things at the last minute. It is so frustrating, and I cannot even count the number of times I've grumbled "What? Am I NOT supposed to have a day job?"

As we gear up for another school year, I understand that things are going to be crazy and hectic and largely seat-of-the-pants, but it doesn't help when people like teachers, school administrations, doctor's office, etc. don't take into account that none of us are sitting around, twiddling our thumbs hoping that they've got something for us to do.

Also? I am not nice when I'm pissed off, and not much pisses me off more quickly than being disrespectful. And not being mindful that I have other obligations smacks too loudly of disrespecting myself and those obligations.

Something I Love

Packages from the HagRag!

Yeah, I know, I totally BUY them and all. But I just love getting them! She always packs them like they're presents, there's always an extra goodie or two, and they're just so gorgeous and soft and shiny and brand new.

I know there's a lot of you who may never even consider using cloth pads, but she also sells reusable cloth tissues (like handkerchiefs, only smaller, softer, and more fun), as well as "roundies", which are awesome for everything from makeup removal to mopping up small spills or even using to wipe fingers on at mealtimes. Plus, she's just totally adorable, and has a totally adorable, chubby-cheeked baby girl named Zuly. Zuly fergoshsakes, how awesome is that!

If you haven't been around long enough to have read my dissertation on cloth pads, you can check the posts out here and here.

I've also ordered (from a vendor on etsy) a custom double-sided "wet bag" for when MonkeyDo starts. That way, she'll have one side to keep her "clean" pads in and one side for her "wet" pads, and her wet ones won't leak or smell because of the waterproof lining. Should be cute as beans, too, but I'll post more about it once it arrives.

Goodnight, Moon

And now I'm going to bed. Not because I think sleep will help me be less crabby, but because I really am enamored of The Sleeping, and I totally want to make it my boyfriend.


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FemmeFairyGodmother said...

Okay, right? Is all I have to say about most of your post. However, with regard to the cloth pads: I seriously considered buying both those and the Keeper but then something happened. I had a hysterectomy! Yay for surgical intervention. My life is wayyyyyy (to the nth degree) better now. I had been menstruating for 30 freaking years, have had 5 miscarriages and am 42. I am NOT going to have a baby now so this whole period thing was unnecessary. When my niece got her period, her mom and I had a Woman Day with her. We went out to lunch, we went shopping and bought her fun stuff: like tampons, etc (my sis is so not down w/ the natural thing), new "period panties" along with chocolate and salty snacks. Then we went to the movies and otherwise had a fab day all in celebration of our baby girl! I highly recommend trying to make the occasion memorable. My niece loved it.