Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Tales from the Trail

The other day, SweetPea was driving home with MonkeySee, when he asked her "What's dentistry?"

MonkeySee, being 13 years old, should damn well know what dentistry is, so SweetPea was, understandably, a little confused.

He explained that he had seen a kid at school wearing an Oregon Trail tshirt with a picture of a wagon train and the caption "You have died of..."

"OH." Says SweetPea. "Do you mean dysentery?"

We were regaled of this story tonight at dinner, and spent the remainder of the evening accusing each other of having dentistry. Because, you know. That's how we roll.

In slightly less scintillating news, yes, it's been a whole damn week since I've blogged OMFG what's wrong with me?

Mostly just not having enough loosey goosey access to the computer. I'd blame it on our fascinating and hectic lives, but, while that's totally true (kind of), huge chunks of my time seem to have disappeared since I discovered and have become absorbed in the Women of the Otherworld series. I feel like I should be ashamed to admit that, but the books are totally engaging and, you know what else? They totally back me up that you can write a novel from a narrative perspective and have it work and work well.

And thank goodness for that because... Um...


No reason.

No reason at all.

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