Monday, May 26, 2008

Off-Topic Grousing

Every year, during the very last week of school, MonkeyDo's elementary puts on Field Day. They round-robin the grades through... uh... seven? stations of games, including a popscicle break. Almost all of the games are water games. Since it's the first week of June, one might surmise that we usually have lovely, warm weather for this event.


About that.

Here are some snaps of the Monkeys playing at the station manned by SweetPea and I last year. It was a sponge relay. The kids were broken down into teams, and a bucket was placed on each end of our space. The near one filled with water, the far one dry. The object was to fill the sponge with water, run it to the dry bucket and wring the water into the dry bucket. Whichever team filled their bucket the highest won.

Here's MonkeyDo:

Here's MonkeySee:

And here's another snap of MonkeySee participating in the station that his dad manned.

Is it me, or do the snaps look a little more grey and a little less bright and sunny than one might expect for the first week of June?

Well, yeah, because it was overcast, grey and chilly. The perfect June day to spend playing games made for hot weather.


The next Field Day is coming up on June 3rd. Y'all remember how, just recently, I was bitching because our temperatures were climbing into the 100's? At the time, I was teasing friends that they should enjoy it. The way our weather works around here, it might be the only summer we get. HA.

According to's ten day forecast, here's what we have to look forward to:

Scattered T-storms
High 81°F Precip 40%
Wind: S 6 mph
Max. Humidity: 57%
UV Index: 6 High
Sunrise: 5:42 AM PT
Avg. High: 85°F
Record High: 107°F (1960)


I know I shouldn't be surprised. A couple of years ago, MonkeySee's class had their end-of-year pool party in the rain.

I could totally chalk all this up to global warming and all, but we live in northern California, and this is just how we roll.

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