Monday, May 26, 2008

On Witches and Pixies

Courtesy of elphie, MonkeyDo, elphie, MonkeySee:Also courtesy of elphie, MonkeyDo's "talent":
Most of the assembled birthday party:
To find out who everyone is, you can click here and read the notes.

For SweetPea's birthday party, we closed down Mr. Pickle's. As an added bonus, elphie came out to party with us. The Monkeys were over the moon and proceeded to ignore everyone else and spend the entirety of the party talking over each other to elphie. In fact, I don't believe the MonkeyDo shut up the entire time. It's ok, though. They've missed her, and it's been a long year and a lot has happened.

And look at Neighbor sitting there next to Opah. She looks so tiny! To prove Opah isn't some sort of giant, here's a snap of Opah and SweetPea from her birthday party a couple of years ago:

You can surmise what you will from that about the size of Neighbor. But I will say that she gets her shoes from the boy's department.

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