Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Like Johnny and June

Today in Sacramento, temperatures are expected to reach (um... gruppie... you might want to sit down) 97 degrees. Somewhere between 100 and 102 tomorrow.

I'd love to tell you that I don't really mind the heat, so that's ok. And, kind of, that's true. Except the part about, when it's really hot, then I don't really want to move. At all.

SweetPea hates the heat. Today officially begins the season where I get to spend every day listening to her gripe about the heat. I can totally live with that, and I know it's just part of her charm. As long as she can sleep at night, I can listen to that during the day. When it's too hot out for her to sleep, then we have problems.

SweetPea isn't the reason I'm sharing this with you, today, surprisingly enough.

The office that I work in has a huge bank of windows facing west. When I say it's a huge bank of windows, you have to take a moment to understand what I'm talking about. These are floor to ceiling windows. So floor to ceiling, in fact, that, like garden windows, part of our ceiling is actually angled window. Not only are these windows so floor to ceiling that they're actually ceiling, too, but they comprise all the outside walls of the building. Yes, it is, in fact, kind of like working in a fish bowl.

To top this off, these are single pane, insulationless windows. There's a thin reflecto/darkening/privacy film on the windows, and plain white blinds. That's our only protection from the heat radiating in from the windows starting at about, oh, noon-o'clock.

Our first summer in this building, temperatures routinely got into the 90's. In the office.

They've since figured it out to a degree, but it can still get awfully warm. Especially with those windows.

Since I'm not a complete moron, I understand that our best defense against baking in the office all summer long is keeping the damn blinds closed. It's all the insulation we have.

My coworkers, on the other hand, are another story.

One, in particular, likes to not just leave the blinds open, but hoists them all the way so there is nothing between her and her precious view.

Because it will totally be worth it when we've all got heat stroke that she got to spend her days watching the hawks.

By the way, do y'all know what happens when you have a bunch of polyester-wearing, mostly overweight state workers sweating all day?

It doesn't smell pretty.

Current temperature: 75.4 (sadly, according to, it's 68 outside)


elphie said...
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elphie said...

I wish I had windows in my classroom, just not like yours. I'm always shocked by the weather outside when I leave my room.

Gruppie Girl said...

Damn you Dolphyn! I had the heat on yesterday.

Today it is 72 degrees and sunny. The family is headed over to the lake after school. Probably not a move that a CA girl like yourself would make.

Don't you warm weather gals have thinner blood and smoother legs than us New Englanders? ;)