Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Circular Blog Post

Apparently, Mother Nature has decided that we shall either bake or be subjected to 20 to 25 mph winds. Because we just can't get enough of the wind. The 10 day forecast, which is significantly cooler than the previous week, does not contain a day where there is no wind.

I fucking hate the fucking wind.

I may have mentioned this previously? I am so over the wind it is not even funny. All I want to do is seal up the house and crawl into a hole and hope it stops. Unfortunately, we have no AC, so the only way the house resembles cool is by leaving windows and doors open. Not that it matters. When it was cooler, earlier in the year, and the wind and pollen were out, I did seal up the house. It didn't help.

It's probable that I'm staying home tomorrow, because my allergies are already kicking my ass.

In other news, a blog that I read posted a link to this today. Illustrated BMI categories. My personal favorite? Jessica, "overweight". And a triathlete. Suddenly I want to know what Jessica's body fat percentage is. I mean, look at her. She's a triathlete, which means she's loaded with lots of good muscle, which weighs more than fat, which ups her BMI, which is "bad".


So does that mean BMI is worthless?

It's not about what you weigh. It's not about your BMI. It's about how you feel, how your clothes fit, how strong you are, how healthy you are.

When I was in high school, I had a normal BMI. I practically lived on Pepsi, Oreos, cupcakes and It's-Its. I was definitely smaller than I am now. But was I healthier?

Maybe. Maybe not.

How important is weight and BMI to your total health?

Speaking of things health and (loosely) fitness related...

SweetPea and I stopped at the Tower Mart on the way home. I looked down the little road on the other side of the street, and there was this woman running up the street. I mean like running, running. Not like, "for her life" running. Meanwhile, all the dirt and dust and pollen in a five mile radius was swirling around her and filling up the whole street. And all I could think was that, if that was me, I would fall down dead



Fucking allergies.


Wine Dog said...

Wine Dog's BMI is 35.1 this morning. Fat is 36 percent. Weight 206. And I rode 3 1/2 hours with a triathlete on Sunday. BMI is bullshit. That fat number is the problem. BMI is always out the window with heavy duty athletes.

Gruppie Girl said...

I like this story.

It is my muscle that weighs a lot. Yeeah, that's my story. Muscle.

Seriously though, Girlie's BMI once considered her overweight. I couldn't buy her pants that would stay on her little hips. So crazy!