Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ingenuity - At Least It's Good for Something!

A funny thing happens, sometimes, when I get frustrated with the business of finding a particular something. Sometimes, I end up hopping on google and hunting down instructions on how to make the damn thing myself.

Which is how I ended up building a prototype for the squash/explosion/star mini scrapbook album.


Here is what is most commonly described as an explosion or squash album. I've mostly figured out how to turn it into the star album, but I need to make some minor adjustments.

In this album, everything folds down neatly into a 3" by 3" square.




In case you're wondering, that is some seriously orange paper.

Once I was sure I'd figured it out and picked a good size for it, I hopped on to pick up some cardstock. I'll be using it to create each of the Monkeys their very own, very special, pocket sized album.

Depending on how they turn out, I may make some more for Christmas presents. Or even to sell on etsy. And I may even offer one or two up on here. If anyone was interested, that is.

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