Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Open Letter to Etsy Sellers

Dear Etsiers,

I have a request.

Y'all have these fabulous handmade scrapbooks that are just cute as beans and totally unlike regular old plain scrapbooks.

They're like this.

And like this.

And like this.

And like this.

This is just a wonderful idea and most of these are so beautiful, just as they come, that I'd almost be afraid to touch them.

In fact, I'd love to order some for a couple of special projects I have in mind.

The problem is that I have a hard time finding them without either finding a bunch of things that are not similar to what I'm looking for or not finding all the albums that are available.

Please can y'all pick one name for these type of albums and then specify which style your particular album is?

That would just be so helpful y'all couldn't possibly know.

Thanks in advance,
Hopeful Estyee

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