Monday, April 07, 2008

Good Girl

Instead of taking a nap, I'm going on walkies.


Total mileage: 3.584 (5.76 km)
Time: One hour, ten minutes, with a three minute penalty to pick up Monkey Do from her after school program.

Not too long into it (15 minutes?), I got wicked shin splints in my right shin. Is it still "shin splints" when it's only one leg? After awhile, my shin started talking to my hip. So my shin was on fire, and my hip giving me grief.

I decided to take a leg off my plan journey, to make sure I still had enough gumption to get down to the school and back. When the time came up, instead of going forward to trim off the leg, I hooked a left and laid out some more road. I decided to cut off the next leg, which would have been the same as if I'd cut off the previous one. Only I didn't. Again.

On the way home with Monkey Do, we were meandering by the creek, and all of a sudden she starts talking about "I hear me" and calling to "me". I peek down into the creek, and there's a pair of ducks.

Monkey Do's nickname is Duck.

Total mileage since Saturday: 5.789 (9.32 km).

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