Monday, April 07, 2008


SweetPea says it would be wrong to steal someone else's dog. Even if, clearly, said dog would be infinitely happier in your crazy life.

There is this house across the street from SweetPea's dad's house. The front yard is fenced all the way around with four-foot chain link fence. In the yard lives two, and occassionally three, dogs. Huskies (ok, two Huskies, one little white thing). One older, one puppy. Maybe six months or so. There were two older Huskies, but one died.

I swear from boredom.

The family has two teenagish boys for whom they built, either this past Christmas or the one before it, a half pipe. An actual freaking half pipe, right there in the front yard. As near as I can tell, they've used the half pipe approximately 12.3 minutes since it was built.

Just like the dogs.

Every time we visit SweetPea's dad, no matter what day, what time of day, whatever, those dogs are out in the front yard. Bored. Alone.

The older one has one ear that is permanently flopped over and it just gives her the sweetest and most pathetic air.

Yesterday, while we were there, a little boy, barely tall enough to poke his head over the fence, was riding his bike by. He stopped, got off his bike, and went over to the fence. The older Husky stood up, put her big paws over the fence and hugged him, while he patted her on the head.

I mean, these dogs aren't abused, per se, and there would be no way county would be willing to take them. But they're Huskies, for crying out loud. Working dogs. And they're just left in the front yard. To me, it smacks really loudly of "dad, we want Huskies, they're pretty". Just like "dad, we really want a half pipe".


I totally bet that I could get at least the older one to jump the fence. From there it would be a pretty easy trick to get her into the truck.

But SweetPea says I can't do that.

She sucks.

PS: also, clearly I have a thing about bear shaped dogs.

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