Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Etsy Review - GudonyaToo

Here at The Verbosery, it’s possible that we may have a mild obsession with lips. In fact, it may just be possible that lips are one of our very favorite body parts (in case you’re wondering, it’s possible that our other favorite parts happen to rhyme with lips). So it’s understandable that we take lip care very seriously.

Here “lip care” having the meaning of “how many tubes of lip chap can one woman possess, exactly?”

We always seem to have one eye out for new and interesting lip care products, with a specific inclination towards items relating to maintaining smooth and supple lips (mostly because we just love that word – “supple”).

While surfing Etsy (you know how we do), we discovered lip scrubbies. How cool is that? Of course, because we’ve been so spoiled by the Coffee Scrub, it took some searching and lots of clicking before we discovered a lip scrub that may actually live up to our expectations.

Meet GudonyaToo’s Sweet Lips TRIPLE SUGAR Lip Scrubby.

How beautiful is that? This is definitely the kind of lip scrub that can live up to our expectations – lots of scrub, not a lot of filler.

Is it just us, or have you noticed that most “scrubs” aren’t a lot more than shower gel with some scrubbies thrown in for kicks? That’s what we liked so much about the Coffee Scrub – it was tons of scrub, held together (barely) by rich, moisturizing, body happy oils. No fillers, just bliss.

The GudonyaToo scrub looked like it would be just up our alley, and an order was promptly placed. And, because we at The Verbosery are incapable of leaving well enough alone, we had to also get some tubes of lip chap to go along with it.

We’d love to tell you all about how yummy the scrub and the lip chap smelled and tasted. Unfortunately, between the sick and the allergies, our senses of smell and our palate have both become pretty jacked.

We can tell you, though, all about how the scrub and the lip chap worked, which, we suppose, will just have to do.

The scrub looks just like it does in the picture. Packed full of delicious, sugary scrub, held together by fabulous lip moisture. We use this in the shower, after we brush our teeth (yes, we brush our teeth in the shower). It’s particularly hard to fight the urge to stick our tongue out and have a taste, but we’re just not sure how tasty that would actually be. A sense of smell sure would come in handy right about now! The scrub feels so nice – rough but not abrasive. It leaves a very nice, smooth, moisturized feeling that sticks around for a lingering visit.

As part of our normal “beauty” routine, we follow up the lip scrub with a nice coating of lip chap.

GudonyaToo’s Lip Smoothies have the perfect consistency – smooth and creamy, without being thick, greasy or heavy. The feeling lasts a good, long time, so you’re not reapplying constantly.

At the end of the day, our lips are still smooth and soft, without a flake to be seen.




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Here “wouldn’t you like to know?” having the meaning of “of course, duh!”

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