Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Friday Contest With a Twist

Up for grabs:

One Two-Ounce Jar of GudonyaToo’s Sweet Lips TRIPLE SUGAR Lip Scrubby, just like the one pictured here, only in Peach.

Two of GudonyaToo’s Lip Smoothies lip chap, just like the ones pictured here – One in Mango Mango, and one in Caramel Cream.


This should definitely help you shake those winter blues and all the yucky, flaky, dry, chapped and burned winter lips.

Are you ready for spring?

Are your lips?

Because this is Friday Contest With a Twist, this particular contest is running from right now through midnight, Pacific Time, on Friday, March 28th, 2008.

Why midnight? Well, I don’t plan on being awake at 7pm, either, so you may as well have some extra time.

Otherwise, (updated) regular rules apply! Enter the contest by posting a comment or by emailing me directly. You can enter one time per day, right up to the day the contest expires.

Not interested in soft lips yourself, but know someone whose lips you’d love to treat? Friday Contest Freebies make great gifts.


1 comment:

TheP said...

Pick me! I wanna pucker up with smooth lips!

ThePrincess from BF!