Monday, June 18, 2012


If you've been around The Verbosery long enough, you have an idea how long I've followed Body Tribe.

This morning at Body Tribe

This month I was finally able to make time to attend some of their Saturday workshops. This one was on the Snatch.

Today at Body Tribe: the Jerk

This last one was on the Clean & Jerk. I'm pretty good at the Jerk portion. But that might go without saying.

This isn't the only change happening around here.

Last night after a sweaty run.
Post-Sweaty Run

My hair. It's changed a lot. It was actually cut by a Triber, Odessa. I told her what I didn't want, and how my hair acts, and then I cut her loose. So to speak. So far I am almost completely totally in love with how it turned out.

The best compliment I've received so far?

"It's so you."

New hair
I think so, too.


Susan said...

I wanted to ask you today how you were liking your hair. it IS so darn cute on you!! I am really tempted to follow you but have gotten used to being a lazy ass and just putting it up in a pony!

Tarot By Arwen said...

Super sassy, darling!

dolphyngyrl said...

Susan - seriously, this is wash, finger some product in & go... So much easier than a ponytail!

Arwen - Thank you!

Anonymous said...


f said...

Fabulous! (as ever) fimg X