Friday, May 25, 2012

Down by the River

Last Sunday, we celebrated SweetPea's upcoming birthday with a BBQ in a park by the river. Because dogs are allowed in this park, we brought both of our dogs. Given the way that Bixby has acted around other dogs in the past, I was sure that he & I would be making the trek home at some point during the party.

Who is this dog being so good?

But, lo, that magic puppy! While there was an incident caused by a fight-picking chihuahua and there were several instances of Bixby flying off at the mouth (almost all because "Moooom!! I want to play, tooooo!"), he was amazingly well behaved. He got thoroughly loved upon, fed lots of good treats, and came to my defense during an aggressive hug-mauling*.

I love that beautiful shithead.

American River Brrrr!

It was a beautiful day to be down by the river. The water was cold and clear.

Me & my best Girl Monkey by the river

The company was exceptional, the food was good, and the day was long.

One tired pup.

It was good to be reminded - yet again - of the amazing, loving people we're surrounded by. It is truly a blessing.

*Apparently it's a grievous offense to be dry during a water fight. And now you know.

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