Monday, May 28, 2012

Suggestions Wanted - Summer Day Trips

Ever since Yoga Teacher Training ended, SweetPea and I (along with the dogs and/or the Monkeys) have indulged in a favorite passtime, one that we'd been neglecting: day trip adventures.


First with the dogs to the sea.

Bixby & Gomi by the Sea

And then with the kids (and Grandfather) through Reno, Carson City and South Lake Tahoe.

Yup. That's my fambly. - Enhanced
With a pit stop in the snow.

Then we spent a day in the sun by the river with friends, family, and dogs.

Lots. Of each.

American River Brrrr!

With summer fast approaching (only ten more school days left!), I'd like to know:

What are your best suggestions for a day trip around Sacramento?

In town, around town, out of town. Anything up to a three hour drive is fair game.

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Anonymous said...

i am a fan of the yuba river for swimming, taking the muni to ocean beach and spending time in the east bay with friends to beat the heat.