Monday, March 05, 2012

A Bixby Weekend

Behold the wild chupacabra posing with crate #5.

My dog sure is handsome. Here he poses with Crate #5. Yes. Number 5. Notice it's been reinforced with zipties. Notice, also, that there are no ribs to be seen on my shiny dog. Although it may be a trick of the pose, he is certainly much fatter and glossier now than he was a year ago.

Somewhere along the way, he learned what the ice cream truck is. Saturday afternoon, he went positively apeshit when it came rolling up our street. Fortunately I had doggy ice cream cups leftover in the freezer. I wonder if the family that abandoned him fed him off the ice cream truck, or if a kind ice cream truck driver fed him. I don't know. But I suspect we'll be going through a lot of doggy ice cream this summer.

Maybe I should warn the ice cream truck driver to stock up?

Sunday we swapped out his crate and then took him & Gomi for baths. In the crazy ass Fountains parking lot, this involved quite a walk. I bought the "buy three, get one free" deal at Pet Food Express and, on a tip from the clerk, got both dogs washed using only one token. This is amazing, because the dogs go for baths pretty regularly when it's warm.

After our adventure, Bixby was given a big, meaty bone to chew on in his spanky new crate (with the temporarily whole crate pad).

Later that night, I passed his crate on my way out to the van and he was laying there perfectly still, with his wide open. I called to him and he didn't respond. Naturally, I assumed he was dead. On the third try, though, he blinked and snapped his head up at me.

Holy shit.

Chuck Norris Dog was sleeping.

Will wonders never cease?

PS: Tomorrow we'll talk about the adventure Gomi had at my trail race. And maybe about the adventure I had there, too.

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