Wednesday, October 19, 2011

In Bullet Form

I know I haven't blogged in forever, so here's a totally random list of shit:

1. We took the Monkeys and some friends (of ours, not theirs)(because we're not crazy) to Apple Hill on Saturday and had a blast. There was fudge and donuts and apple beer and a hay ride (what?) and a bunch of apples you never see in stores.

For example:

Pippin Apples

Winesap Apples

Arkansas Black Apples
Arkansas Black*

Empire Apples

Red Rome Apples
Red Rome

Gravenstein Apples

Did you know that El Dorado County is the only county in California where you don't have to pay for wine tasting? It's true! Apparently. I wouldn't know because, contrary to popular belief*, I actually don't drink much wine.

2. Promised to stop (er, pause) blogging about running, stopped blogging altogether. Whoops! So, yes, I've been a little obsessive about running lately. This includes neurotically planning my training schedule (it's pretty!) and plotting potential races on a 2012 calendar so that I can decide what I want to do next year.

Obsessed? Not me!

I've also been obsessively thinking about my shin splints, slow pace, desire for different shoes, and on and on ad nauseum. Literally. I'm making myself nauseous with all of this.

I had one very successful treadmill intervals session wherein I managed to get in and stay in the "green zone" for the California International Marathon! You know. For about two minutes at a go. But! I cleared the time & didn't die. I am hopeful that if I can get my shin issues resolved, my pace overall will get better. Hope hope!

3. My training week is still down a total of three yoga classes and I just can't seem to make that work. I've got classes on my schedule, but, for some reason, I really just do not want to go take yoga classes at my gym from other instructors. It's like a mental block.

I'm hoping to hit up the Yoga Seed Collective on Thursday (for the second time this week) for some Yin Yoga. And maybe I can get over my issue with gym yoga so I can get back to it.

4. We have been digging the crap out of the grand openings of the two new Pet Food Expresses in town. Mostly because they've been giving out free dog washes and I own two perpetually wash-needing dogs. Over the weekend we took the Terror Twins to the grand opening of the Pet Food Express in Roseville, got tons of compliments and two dog washes. Bixby may or may not have whizzed inappropriately, but I wasn't looking, so it doesn't count.

I wish.

If only Bixby would stop randomly wigging out at other dogs (including dog sized stuffed dogs and photos of dogs), I'd start taking him loads of places. He has, however, been a lot better the last couple of adventures, so there's hope! I hope.

5. Let's not even talk about the totally adorable snoozing kitten they had available for adoption.

No more cats!

6. That's all I've got. How the hell are you?

*If you think I drink wine, you should maybe read my blog more often.

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