Friday, September 30, 2011

Scheduling Changes

When I crafted my current training schedule, I really only detailed it through this weekend. The rest of the plan - through December - is mostly just roughed out. The runs are all accounted for, but timing and other cross training workouts are mostly guesses.

I knew there would be changes after this weekend, but it seems like there are going to be more changes than I anticipated.

For example, I knew that this Saturday is the very last Yoga in the Park for the season. I'm not going, of course, because the 108 Sun Salutations they'll be doing as part of the Yoga Aid Challenge is kind of far in the "inadvisable" realm for the day before running a first half marathon. Since last Saturday was the last day I had a regular, planned workout, I need to figure out a replacement.

This week I also found out that my regular Tuesday and Thursday morning class through my gym is ending. I'm pretty bummed about this, but considering that attendance had died pretty low, I understand why the class is getting shut down. However, this now means a total of three yoga classes in my regular week are gone and I need to figure out how to replace them.

This is just not right, y'all.

I know that I need to sit down with my schedules and figure everything out and replace the classes I can, and, for a neurotic over planner like me, that's not very hard. It does, however, leave me wondering if my time with California Family Fitness is winding down.

Which is not to say that I remained a member solely for a two day a week yoga class, however, it was the class I most consistently went to. I wonder if I might not be better served by a membership to a yoga studio and maybe one of the numerous CrossFit or weight lifting gyms in town.

But then I think about the XBike classes, which I enjoy, and the pool, which I've never used, and doubt leaving would be as easy as I think.

Hell. I guess I don't know. I suspect changes are not through coming my way, though, so, for now, I don't plan to shake things up considerably. My run plans will stay the same, I'll figure out how to add extra yoga classes back in, and I'll stick with the other cross training classes I'm taking.

After December, though, I just may be considering my alternatives.

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