Thursday, October 20, 2011

Riddle Me This - Adolescent Parenting Edition

What SweetPea found in MonkeyDo's backpack.

How concerned should I be?

Remembering that she's 12 years old and in junior high.

She eats a bowl of cereal every morning and her dinner every night.

She has not given a reason why she won't eat lunch only that she doesn't want to.

She's always been iffy on food. Ravenous sometimes, picky picky others.

I don't want to make a federal case of this, because I know that's an easy way of raising a kid with eating issues. At the same time, I worry that she's concerned with food, eating and her weight.

Also, I really don't know what to do about her lunch. I am definitely not a fan of wasting this much food, obviously, but I feel like an ogre sending her without.

What do I do?


Mrs. Miscellanea said...

Is it possible that she's been buying lunch? Or sharing with a friend? Maybe she doesn't like her lunches? I don't know.....

Cassie from Mornings On Fire said...

Oh noes! I hope nothing is seriously wrong with her! I remember when my mom used to pack me lunches, I preferred the crappy hot food from the cafeteria so I would buy instead. But I'd keep it a secret bc I knew my mom would A) be sad that I didn't like her food and B) upset bc I was wasting money. So I would throw away my lunch (so bad I know :/) and eat stuff I bought. Maybe something like that is going on? But maybe the fact that she left them there for you to find was her way of a cry for help? Regardless, I know you'll do what's best! Good luck

Arwen said...

I have issues about eating in front of others. It dates back to being teased pretty horribly. I'm better now but it can still crop up. I'd ask.

Anonymous said...

Make your child responsible for her own lunch. If she doesn't pack food at least nutritious enough to satisfy you, then she can go without. Make sure the breakfast is good -- try to sneak in some protein if she's going to be missing lunch -- jmho. Feed her well at night too. If her lunch is too "social" she might just not WANT to eat. If she'd agree to drink 2x milks I wouldn't worry. [saw you on Twitter.... Indygirl87]