Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gender Bender Ball - 2011

If you missed the Gender Bender Ball, you missed out on something rarely seen in public:

Sometimes I wear a dress. Honest.

That's right. I wore a dress.

It's been two and a half years since the last time that happened and I was probably pregnant the time before that. And, yes. I wore it with flip flops.

Me & She-sus

SweetPea went dressed as She-sus, Jesus' fraternal twin sister.

The Gender Bender Ball was a huge success. Easily double the attendance of last year's Ball. The venue (Beatnik Studios) was perfect and allowed us to sell drinks and actually keep the profit. Last year the Ball was held at a restaurant/club. This eased a lot of the logistics of staffing, food and drinks, but limited the options for making money. Hoppy Brewing Company cut us a great discount on beer & provided all the accessories needed to serve it up. There was also rum based mixed drinks.

MonkeySee & I worked the drink ticket sales table and, judging by the number of tickets sold, everyone had a thoroughly inebriated good time.

This kid is a rock star!

This kid rocked the drink ticket sales table for three and a half hours solid. He rules. Also? Water in a can.

I think what I enjoyed most was seeing representatives from two of the sponsors - Hoppy Brewing & Maita Subaru - partying with us. And, between the two of them, they probably were the biggest bidders on the Silent Auction items. The guys from Hoppy Brewing were also frequent visitors to the drink tickets table.

I am overjoyed by the success of the evening and cannot wait to see how it grows next year. Maybe you can join us, too!

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paulawannacracker said...

sounds like a great event. I recently visited Beatnik Studios and thought it would be a venue for our end of year event.

Thanks for sharing the event and pics.