Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Textures - An Outfit Post

I asked MonkeyDo to assist me in taking pictures of yesterday's outfit but that did not work out so well. Since I'm taking them with my phone, there really is no tripod & timer option. MonkeyDo is many things, but a fashion photographer she is not. I thought we had ended up with at least one psuedo usable shot, until I saw the weird, deformed thing going on with my neck. Sorry. I am too vain to post that photo. I even deleted it from my flickr account. Gone.

The best I can do for you is these:


Today's textures @eclectictrixie @femmeismygender

The view driving home.

Hopefully I can figure something better out for future outfit posts. I betcha there's a learning curve for this sort of thing.


Susan said...

thank you!!! I love the and all! I wish I disliked dresses a bit less. they look so comfy on others.

CJ said...

Cute!! I keep meaning to get some dresses for this summer, but I never find the time!