Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Reluctant Fashionista (Or not)

Happy Birthday, America!

I bought me a present!

For the 4th of July, Goodwill stores had a half off sale. 50% discount on pretty much everything they sell.

Because I was in desperate need of new pants, and, also, because I'm deeply jealous of Bella's thrifting finds, I knew I had to take full advantage of this sale.

I ended up hitting two separate Goodwill stores. I stuck to the racks designated as "plus size" because even attempting to look through the rest of the racks is just heartbreak waiting to happen. I ended up grabbing anything within my size range that struck my fancy, instead of being "realistic". I tried everything on. I kept nothing that would "probably" fit "soon"*. I stepped definitively outside of my "fashion box".

I came home with jeans, capris, blouses, skirts and a dress.

I came home with a pair of Harley Davidson motorcycle boots.

Today I wore them with a pink skirt and a white sweater.

I may start doing outfit posts because, for the first time, I feel rather fashionista.

And all of this glorious, fashionable fun for less than a pair of new slacks from a Boutique Fatty Store.


*Ok, technically I bought one single, solitary item that doesn't fit yet. Because it will by fall, when it's geared towards, and I have loved this style for years. And for the possibly $2 it cost me, I'm willing to chance never ever wearing it.


Susan said...

I am SOOOO disappointed! I thought we were going to get pictures. Currently my mental picture of you today is a pink tutu with some seriously studded cowboy boots. I know you said Harley boots....but the mind thinks what the mind thinks.

citizen rosebud said...

glad to inspire your shopping binge and i hope an outfit post is forthcoming!

dolphyngyrl said...

Ok, yes! An outfit post (with seriously sad photos) is coming soon! Although I definitely need a new photographer. MonkeyDo is cute, but she is no fashion photographer! :)

paulawannacracker said...

I you too have been inspired by Bella. Just love her courageous fashion sensability...

paulawannacracker said...

please do post pics. Love to see those boots.