Monday, July 11, 2011

Lacking Cohesion

It's not that I don't have anything to say, it's that I'm having a hard time wrangling my thoughts into cohesion.

Here, have some pictures*.

Not what having handicapped plates means.

Another thrift find top.

How the fuck old are we?
I'd assumed we were all grown ass women, but apparently not so much. This was first thing in the morning, by the way, in a professional office building. A grown up did this.

Another thrifted top (and my thrifted purse there in the background).

Bixby LOVES to visit the chickens.
Bixby loves the chickens at Obedience Class. I do not love being stood up for class. Boo!

Artsy fartsy Bixby (staring at a cat)(that looks like dinner)
Well he's just so cute. And really good at stopping the cute as soon as I get the camera out. Jerkass.

Photo-2202 - Editted 1.jpg
Do you see the web?

Photo-2202 - Editted 2.jpg
Does this help?

How much fun would Bixby have with THIS?!?
Today we started a whole new week of Horse Camp. I know a dog who would love to come visit these geese.

*With apologies to those who may have already seen these elsewhere.


Cassie from Mornings On Fire said...

Love the thrift finds! And that web is crazy!

Anonymous said...

I usually take two spaces also but I park way out and walk, The spaces are small and I am sorry but not everybody drives a small vehicle.

dolphyngyrl said...

This is a chronic problem at my office, and vehicle size does not play a role. It wasn't that big of a deal before, but now we've got a new office with 150 more people, so there are less free spaces in the parking lot. Plus there's actual handicapped parking (with wider spaces) one row up from where he is. I don't understand why he just wouldn't use a single handicap space instead of two regulars?

PS: His truck isn't bigger than our Chevy, and I can park it within the lines of a regular space. :) If his truck was bigger than ours, yeah, he'd definitely need more than one space.