Friday, July 01, 2011

Sacramento Food Truck Alliance Thursday Roundup

SweetPea and I took advantage of a rare kidless Thursday to check out the Sacramento Food Truck Alliance's Thursday Roundup.

Food Truck Roundup

Food Truck Roundup

The food trucks in attendance were: Leaven & Earth, Mini Burger Truck, Mama Kim's, Drewski's Hot Rod, Taco Azteca and Simply Southern Foods.

A couple of personal comments:

Mini Burger Truck, apparently (and as confirmed on twitter) no longer carries vegetarian mini burgers. I was told that they just don't sell that well & that he doesn't want to freeze vegetables. Understandable, but I have a hard time believing they don't sell that well. It's not my business, though, so I guess it's not my decision. But I am sad because I really enjoyed Mini Burger Truck and it was the first of my Food Truck loves. It's also kind of annoying to me when I'm told that, basically, hey, we don't want your business and we're not interested in making space in our franchise for vegetarians. Sorry.

The SactoMoFo twitter person posted that Leaven and Earth had vegan options. However, their menu board listed a meat in everything they had for sale. Nowhere did their signage indicate they had vegetarian or vegan options, unless you're counting the oatmeal cookie. And I'm not. I hear they make an awesome sandwich, but I'm just not interested in your turkey club. Strange, I know.

Mama Kim's and Drewski's both had vegetarian options. I did not check out Taco Azteca, in part, because "authentic Mexican food" kind of scares me. Mostly because "authentic Mexican food" frequently translates to "now we're cooking with lard!" Which means even "safe" foods are potentially suspect and, sometimes, I just don't wanna go there.

Simply Southern brought out their Corn Cake, which is corn bread billed as "So good you'll swear it's Cake!". It was definitely good and I so did not mean to eat the entire square!

Totally not me. BTW.

After much internet stalking, I finally got a chance to check out Drewski's for my very own self.

Drewski's Haul
Deep fried macaroni & cheese balls, garlic rosemary tator tots, the Tricycle and the Hemi

I can't say I'm a fan of their macaroni & cheese, but I like the cheap stuff, so who am I to judge? The tots were amazing and my sandwich was, really, one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches I've bought in awhile. SweetPea was underwhelmed by the Hemi, but that was probably due to the mac & cheese.

Food Truck Roundup
Key Lime Gelato & Blackberry Sorbet from Mama Kim's

We wrapped up our dinner with dessert and some conversation with Sam, who I finally got to meet. Are you signed up for Dinner & a Deductible? Well why the hell not?

It was a pretty good evening all around, and we might even take the kids one week.


Look, kids, I'm shutting it down for the holiday weekend. Don't expect new content until Tuesday. Have a safe and fun holiday weekend.

Unless you're not in the US. And then just have a safe and fun weekend and don't get Monday'd.


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