Monday, July 25, 2011

Hello, Nurse!

I'm totally going to make this sound like a really good excuse for why I've been slacking on blog posts, even though it's really only a kind of mediocre excuse.

What a 10.5 hour ER visit looks like.
What a 10.5 hour ER visit looks like.

In the (seemingly) never-ending world of pharmacutical experiments on SweetPea, we discovered that, apparently, one of them doesn't agree with her. Something we didn't find out until her dosage was upped and bizarre things started happening.

And, of course, SweetPea reports said Bizarre Things to me diligently. Except that I am not a doctor and really can't help her. Finally, right as the Bizarre Things started to get Truly Alarming, she connected the dots and realized that the Bizarre Things started happening after her dosage was increased.

She contacted the prescribing doctor, who ordered her to be seen by a physician that day. Urgent Care turned us away because, apparently, they are not equipped to deal with Truly Alarming Bizarre Things.

Cue trip to everyone's favorite destination: the Emergency Room!

Honestly, except for the amount of time we spent there, it wasn't as bad as it could have been. We were treated well and competently and I guess that's all you can ask.

I mean. Apparently dinner was completely out of the question. But what are you going to do?

Our intake nurse was named Gypsy Rose (for reals)(how awesome is that?!) and our room nurse was named Eric. And not Greg, even though SweetPea tried to rename him about halfway through.

In the end, the ER docs mostly figured out that, yes, it probably was associated with the increased dosage. They gave SweetPea some meds to help with the Bizarre Things and orders to follow up after some tests came back.

ER Visit
Not even doped up. That's sleep deprivation.

I do want to take this moment to comment on how bassackwards and unhelpful SweetPea's Primary Care Physician's office was after the fact. In order to be seen by the specialist who had treated her in the ER, SweetPea had to get a referal from her PCP. Her PCP's office, however, didn't seem to think this was a priority. I mean, Emergency Room visit, doctor's orders, apparently none of these things seem urgent to his office staff. In particular the one that answered the phone who sighed dramatically every time she realized who was calling. Again.

Amber? Let me just say this: I know that you probably got really tired of hearing from us, but that's doesn't mean you get to act like we're putting you out for expecting you to do your job. Speaking of your job.... I hope you have a fallback plan.

Finally, I'm really curious. Who thought up this light thingamabopper? It's a pretty good idea if you ask me. Which, obviously, you did.

ER Visit

And, yes. Everything is back to what reasonably passes for normalcy in our household.

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