Thursday, July 21, 2011

Boys & Men

Yesterday was one of those really long, filled with awesome kind of days. I may or may not have more to share about that some other time, but, for now, I want to share this photo of two of my favorite men:

Fixed Grandpa & Dad.JPG
Pops holding my dad.

Seriously how awesome is this photo? This was taken in the backyard of my grandparent's house and all that trellis you see behind them gets overgrown with wisteria. I still love & want wisteria for this reason, even though everyone tells me that it will take over everything. In spring & early summer, when it's heavy with purple blooms, how much would I really care? I ask you.

My dad came from a family of boys and it's amazing to see photos of them all. You can always tell which boys are family and even my cousin looks like he could be one of my uncles when they were his age. Sometimes when I look at MonkeySee, this is all I see in him. The boys are all thin as rails until well into adulthood. Grammy said once that was because it took 30-some years for them to finally get enough to eat.

I love looking at old photos like this, especially because they came with details. Dad gave me two disks full of photos yesterday and, yes, that makes me pretty happy. I have a disk full of photos from my mom's family, too, but I think with less explanation. I think I need to dig that out & go through it again.

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Cassie from Mornings On Fire said...

Thanks for sharing! :) I love old photos! Those 'Instant Relatives' bins of pics at antique stores crack me up :D