Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Toe People, Horse Camp & Sunday Drivers

SweetPea told me recently that she was really interested in getting back to her art.

My wife is making doodles on my toes.
This is not what she meant.

My toe doodles.
Toe people

You know that old adage "it's all fun & games until there's a wasp in my fucking van"? No? Geez, what rock do you live under?


Seriously, though, I must have picked this guy up between Horse Camp & Obedience Class. He was not long for this world when I discovered him and not just because he was in my van. It was pretty easy to get him scooped up and flicked out, so he could die in a parking lot like nature intended.

As you all know, last week was Horse Camp Week. I'm sure some of you are used to a post-Horse Camp photography spread. So here you go:

Horse Camp! With Copelan

Well, yes, that's it for now. I still have to get the photos off of (MonkeyDo's) camera, sorted and loaded. And who knows when that's going to happen.

And, yes. I had to use MonkeyDo's camera. Why? Well because our camera is down. Some of you will understand the weight of this tragedy. It's not permanently out of the game, however, but awaiting shipment to Canon for repair. Apparently, the 90-some odd thousand photos we've taken is almost twice what their shutters are good for.

Or so I hear.


Moving on!

I know you all know how much I hate bad, slow, in-my-way drivers. So I'm sure you can understand how frustrating it was for me to get stuck behind a couple of Sunday Drivers like these:

Stuck in traffic. Darn these Sunday drivers!

Yeah, that's right. Again with the photography while the van's in "drive". At least I was stopped this time.

You should be proud of me.

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paulawannacracker said...

love horses. I grew up with them and when I met "boys" well, I lost interest in my horses... Biggest Mistake...

Anyways thanks for the horse picsk.