Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Weekend of Dogs

On Friday nights Bixby goes to Obedience Class. As a special treat last Friday, SweetPea came with us. Because Mr. Bixby can't be trusted not to chew his way through my van, I sat in the back with him while SweetPea drove.

Bixby: Kinda sullen bc I won't let him lick me.

Here he is acting sullen because I won't let him lick me. Yes. I love dogs and hate doggy kisses. Come on! He eats poop for fuck's sake! I really don't want poop slobber on me. Thanks.

Saturday morning, Bixby and I went for a walk, and then we got coffee and gas.

Bixby: Professional Treat Finder

Here he's "helping" me at the gas station by playing "find the treats" while I pump gas. Isn't he considerate?

Afterwards, we went to the vet's office where we got a proper weighing (up 11 pounds since early March!), had blood drawn and then lost our shit barking at some quiet dog who was attempting to mind his own beeswax. Why? Because my dog is an asshole, that's why.


When we were all done at the vet's office, I absofuckinglutely did not take his schizoid ass to Pet-a-palooza.

Instead, I went home and swapped dogs. Of course, the fun part about owning a white dog is how frequently she's not white at all.

Quality time with Mom. OH. YAY.

First stop? Bath time! This time around, Mud to Suds got the nod. Because they're closest. And not on the "Yeah But No" list. Bonus that they have whitening shampoo and whip it up on the spot for you. They gave us a pretty big bottle of it, which was great, because Gomi was super grody and I used it all up.

And then she was pretty! Yay!

Then it was off to Pet-a-palooza which was pretty packed. I think they did a pretty good job keeping traffic and parking moving, considering there really isn't enough parking at Rusch Park. We didn't stay that long because it was super crowded, I didn't find the vendors particularly interesting and Gomi seems to have completely forgotten how to walk on a leash. And by that I mean "don't trip mom, dumbass". Basically, it got old quick.

And then some dumb bitch's unaltered French bulldog picked a fight with Gomi and I was pretty much over the experience.

I don't think I will ever understand people who feel like it's acceptable to bring antisocial dogs to dog places. Then again, I don't understand people who don't alter their pets. But don't worry! She also had a female French bulldog who was probably not altered, either. Surely she's a "responsible"* breeder.

After Pet-a-palooza

Gomi had a pretty good time and was one pooped pup by the time we got back to the van.

In related news, I got the call yesterday that Mr. Bixby does still need to take his thyroid meds. Pooh. But I'm still pretty happy that he's otherwise so healthy.

*Here, "responsible" is being used sarcastically to indicate someone who probably has no clue what they're doing but enjoys charging fat fees for sub-par puppies. $10 says one or both parents ends up at the pound inside two years.

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FemmeFairyGodmother said...

So, not that long ago, I got annoyed w/ my GF's puppy who was licking me relentlessly and (sort of and by sort of I mean actually) yelled, "Stop licking me!" L said, "Well, that's the first time the neighbors have heard THAT yelled at our house!"