Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sugar Plum Vegan

I want so much to like the Sugar Plum Vegan. For no other reason than there are so few places in Sacramento where I can walk in, order whatever the fuck I want and not have to worry about any hidden chicken in my "vegetable" soup.

Two attempts at their "Bottomless Brunch" have, however, yielded less than stellar results. The potatoes are bland, the fritatta is spicy to the point of burning away any actual flavor, the biscuits are hard, the gravy is bland and, let's face it, there's just no way vegetarian bacon is going to work out right. MonkeyDo reported that, after waiting almost 20 minutes to get a chance at some, the french toast tasted like cinnamon apple oatmeal.

I love Sugar Plum's unique, homey (if your home is a commune) atmosphere, and the food seems to be well and thoroughly enjoyed by people a lot thinner more vegan than I, so I assume there's something to say for it. Personally, it seems very "this is what I have to eat because I'm vegan" and not very "taste this, you'll die." I feel like I could whip up a vegan brunch with a lot more flavor without trying too hard.

I will probably be back to sample some of the non-brunch fair, but, so far, Sugar Plum is oh-for-two and the prospects for improvement don't look bright.

Ghetto Check In: Sugar Plum Vegan for Bottomless Brunch. Yum!

Final note: although their website says they "happily accept cash only!", I was able to pay by credit card, which was wrung up on someone's cell phone. It's 2011, y'all. I don't carry cash, and I really don't know many people who do.


Cassie said...

Sad. Guess I won't be rushing to try this place anytime soon

Casey said...

my step-daughter's mom & stepdad own the shop upstairs.They rave about Sugar Plum but we tried their cupcakes and had to throw them out- flavor was so off. It sucks, too because I can make a damn good vegan cake, why can't they?