Friday, May 20, 2011

Sunflower Farmer's Market

Recently (I'm guessing while I was in Texas)(the nerve), the Sunflower Farmer's Market finally opened. It took over the space in Roseville Square that was once a Ross* and is in the same shopping center as one of my favorite non-running stores Trader Joe's.

Yay! Checking it out...
So pretty & new!

With "Farmer's Market" in the name, I expected way more produce. At first I was kind of disappointed, but the selection of non-produce items was phenomenal, especially for those of us who are vegetarian. They have things I don't recall ever having seen for sale, such as Field Roast products, a huge selection of Tofurkey products, an entire wall of Bob's Red Mill, and I can go on & on.


The prices were good on most things, great on some things and "about normal" on the rest. I loved that I could get almost all of my shopping taken care of in one stop because, unlike Joe's, they carry Chobani (although not my preferred flavors). I did still hit Joe's because there are some things that I can only get there (and their price on Fage yogurt was better than Sunflower's).

I will definitely be back, and I'm sure I'll continue finding things that are new and surprising and not available elsewhere. Definitely awesome (and how often does grocery shopping make you say that?).

*At the time, Ross swore they'd be back after the rebuild. Five years later and the space is finally finished, with a new occupant? Uh huh. Whatever, Ross.

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