Monday, March 28, 2011

Rainy Days and Dogs

On Saturday, I took Gomi out & about. I had decided that it was high time that Miss Smelly had a bath. As much as it's been raining, recently, bathing her seemed fairly pointless.

So we hopped in the van, turned on Stella, our GPS, and...

Gomi meets Stella, our GPS
Mom, why is the box talking?

You can totally see her little brain hamster spinning its wheel trying to figure that out.

After her bath, we went to not one but two Big Box Pet Stores (because the first had a great deal on a water dispenser but, apparently, does not carry Miss Priss' Expensive Ass Dog Food).

Most well behaved dog in the pet store? OF COURSE she is!

Gomi is totally the most well behaved dog most of the places we go. Which is cool (for me) but kind of sad (for everyone else). This includes the three German Shephards at the Dog Washery that went completely apeshit lunging at not just Gomi but whatever other dogs came by. Um. I might be a novice, but I'm pretty sure that's seriously bad doggy manners. There were a couple of dogs at the pet stores that barked at her, too. I love that she follows my lead & just walks on past.

Saturday with Gomi
This is the face a Gomi makes when you skritch in just the right spot.

I went out later for a quick grocery run and, when I got home, ended up getting trapped in the van by this:

Saturday with Gomi

Saturday with Gomi

It was the kind of hard rain that makes you check twice because you're sure that's hail.


Just rain.

I am so glad that the forecast says we're in for a break from the rain. I'm sure most of California could stand a chance to dry out.


FemmeFairyGodmother said...

That dog is so stinkin' cute! He's a pit mix right? Have you ever seen Pit Boss or Pit Boss XL on Animal Planet? I think you might like it. Not only do they operate a pit bull rescue but there's a lesbian! ;) But Shorty, "the Boss", might drive you nuts.

dolphyngyrl said...

She's a pit, yes. Probably mixed with something. I don't watch tv, so no I haven't! But maybe I'll see if it's available on Netflix! :)