Thursday, January 27, 2011

Neurotic Indecisive Overplanners Anonymous

I'm not just the President...

Here's a list of races that have caught my interest. And I cannot decide which I actually want to work towards. Obviously, I can't do all of them. But I'm pretty sure I can handle a fair few. If I can figure out which.

Which would you choose?

June 5th - California Run Festival


Half Marathon

July 9th

Headlands Marathon

July 31st

San Francisco Marathon

August 20th

Cinderella Trail Run Marathon

August 28th

Dirt Inspires Women's Trail Half Marathon

September 24th

Sierra Nevada Endurance Run Trail Marathon

October 9th

Portland Marathon

October 16th

Nike Women's Marathon

November 6th

Two Cities Marathon

December 4th

California International Marathon

At some point? I should probably stop looking! I seem to be getting really good at finding races I want to run!


Wine Dog said...

My question is how far is your long run as of right now?

Page said...

You know I'm biased....SF MARATHON ;)

See ya there!