Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Further Adventures in Sweat

Remember items 2 & 3?

I weighed myself this morning, eight days after I weighed in at 263, and found that I'm down three more pounds to 260.

That's including Christmas noshing times two, an office potluck of snackery and the craziness and laziness of a week off of work.

I have to admit: I'm kind of stunned.

I couldn't stop grinning.

Ok, so Group Strength Training (GST) kind of kicked my ass & I didn't grin so much. And now my core is trashed and my legs are kind of trashed and my shoulders are... Well, you get the picture.


I took my very first Pilates class last week while I was on vacation. Taking it after taking a GST & a yoga class on the same day was probably not the brightest idea I've ever had, but what are ya gonna do? Pilates is a special kind of hell. I think I like it! I took my second class on Monday and it was easier than the first time, but certainly not easy. I'm back at work now, so it'll be harder to get Pilates in. Most of the classes seem to be during working hours, which is kind of frustrating.

Hi! I'm rambling!

In other news, I got a *free* marathon training plan from the facebook account. It's pretty cool, and looks similar to the other plans I was looking at. It appears to be mostly running for time, which kind of scares me, because I'm not that fast. But I figure that I've got plenty of time, and, if I find this doesn't work for me, I can always change. In the meantime, they've got kind of a neat little set up, which will be fun to use. But it also means I will be tracking workouts on three different websites. Which is kind of, I don't know, overkill?

Related: I am perplexed. I've read on a couple of sources about needing to replenish protein after a hard workout, including strength training and running. But I believe I've also read that, as long as you're getting enough protein in your regular diet, you don't need to supplement that within a certain period of time after a workout. I don't know if I should be making a point to eat some protein directly after a workout or if it's no big deal as long as I get the protein.

I'm done rambling, so have some pictures:

Photo-1325 editted.jpg
The Monkeys on Christmas

Trader Joe's just knew I needed these today!
Beautiful flowers for a beautiful lady (not me)!

My favorite photo: me & pops
Quite possibly one of my favorite photos ever: Me & Pop

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