Monday, October 11, 2010

By Numbers

1. Susan B. Anthony 5K Chip time: 53:05.9

2. HOT Pink 5K Chip time: 53:50.9

3. Body Fit Challenge starting statistics: 270 pounds, 45.4% body fat

4. #3 means that, theoretically, I can guesstimate a weight loss goal. Using our good friend "math" and using 20% body fat as a "goal", it's possible to come up with an estimate of how much weight I should lose to get to that point, and what I might weight once I do. Is it true, correct, or what I should be aiming for? I'm not sure. The results I got when I did the math indicated a weight that would still put my BMI at 29, well into the "overweight" category and almost to obese. How does THAT make sense?

5. I do plan on posting updates to my statistics as the 8 week Body Fit Challenge goes on. And, yes, ok, I'm kind of scared, but I'm also totally fucking excited about the transformation that's about to occur!


Wine Dog said...

I am 5'4". I know. Shorter than you thought. If I had no body fat I would weigh 135. That's what my muscle and bones weigh. Add 20% body fat and I'm at 162. Obese for my height.

And your math is 147.42 of bone and muscle, add 20% gets you to around 177ish.

dolphyngyrl said...

I'm 5'5" (which is awesome, because I'm never taller than anybody), and, at 177, would put my BMI at 29.5. Insane.