Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gender Bender Ball 2010

Sunday night, SweetPea, the Monkeys & I attended the first annual Gender Bender Ball, a fundraiser benefiting the Gender Health Center.

SweetPea and MonkeySee have been working on the committee helping to get the ball organized, so it was a culmination of efforts & a chance to celebrate their hard work.

Two of the organizers, Ben & Rachael, a fabulous couple who work hard to keep the Gender Health Center dream alive.

The Ball was a masquerade, so there were costumes and masks and gender bending all around.

Costume - Shot 2 #genderbenderball
I wore this. This is the most leg I've had out in public in, literally, years. The only outfit near comparison being a bathing suit, and I haven't even worn one of those in public in a few years.

The shoes? Oh, yes. Here's a better shot:

Shoes for the Ball
They're my size, but actually too big. They didn't have a smaller size. Which is sad, because that means I probably won't be wearing them much. Not that they were particularly comfortable, but damn are they fierce!

The dance floor gets moving.

Performance by the Kings of Drag. Don't they look great?

Yes, fine, so I totally didn't even think to bring the Real Camera. Although that might not have helped, as dark as it was.

But it was a damn good time.



FemmeFairyGodmothe said...

Love the outfit! But what? No pictures of SP?

Holden said...

Looks like a great night and that's a fabulous outfit.

Susan said...

I think you should stuff some tissue in those shoes and wear them again! they are way too cute not too! (and if not, what size are they? lol!!)

Kelly said...

OMG, I LOVE THE SHOES! Yes, I just yelled that. In my head.