Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Nine Things You Didn't Already Know

I know. I owe y'all a blog post in the worst way. I don't even have a fabulous excuse like a trip or a vacation or rock star activities. Mostly I've just been so drained that I haven't had the energy to log on and tell y'all any stories. Not much has even seemed really very story-worthy, anyway. So, here. Have a list-blog:

1. We saw The A-Team. I liked it. Things went lots of boom! I remember liking the show when it was on the air, but that was during that time I don't really remember and, strangely, I've never caught it on DVD or the reruns channel, so I don't exactly remember that much about it. But I liked the movie a lot and maybe I should see about getting the show on DVD?

2. I might be obsessed with yoga. On an unrelated note, does anyone have a recommendation for a yoga retreat in northern California? That just sounds like bliss right now.

3. SweetPea lost a total of 28.5 pounds last month on the June Challenge. I did not. Although I had significantly more "accidental dairy" than she did. Oops? I have been losing steadily, though, so I'm not too chuffed that it's less.

4. We may be flying out to Anapolis / Boston in November. Which will be the farthest I've ever travelled. Sad, huh?

5. I'm more excited about the idea my little squirrel brain latched on to involving a road trip splitting the difference between us and our favorite Missouri Dish. I figure it'd be a quick four day trip and it'd be totally worth it. To me. In my little squirrel brain.

6. All of this would be so much easier and more feasible if the govahnator would release his stranglehold on my money. Bitch. I've got some interesting statistics to share with you just as soon as I can get it together enough to post them.

7. I'm still driving around with a busted ass end because I haven't even been able to muster the give a shit to rip my claims rep a new asshole. Or find out what the hold up is. Because there's no god damned way I'm paying a $500 deductable for damage that's not my fault.

8. I started on a new committee at work today. It's an exciting project affecting our entire department and totally an honor to be on board. It's also going to end up dangerously close to full time for awhile. Since I already have full time work, it'll be like working two jobs. For about 60% of the pay for one job. How awesome is that?

9. Fucking governor.

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